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A certificate of insurance is a document used for verification of insurance that includes an insured's coverages and limits. They are issued on behalf of the insuring company as evidence of a valid insurance contract and are typically used in business situations where one party requires verification of coverage of another entity prior to a transaction or service performed.

Certificates may be requested by a policyholder or a third party. The purpose of the request must be appropriate to the nature of the proposed business transaction. If this is not a common request, further explanation may be necessary in order to process the certificate.

Information included on a certificate of insurance include the policyholder name, issuing company, policy number, types and limits of coverages, effective dates of the policy, insurance agent and/or representative from the issuing company.

Most general liability policies will allow you to designate an "additional insured" on a certificate of insurance without making changes to your policy. However, coverage for additional insureds is strictly subject to the terms of the policy, which could result in an increase of premium. If this is the case, we will notify the policyholder after we receive the request for the certificate of insurance of the proposed changes to the policy and premium.

Your request for a certificate of insurance will be processed upon review and acceptance by a staff member of Salmon Bay Insurance. We will confirm receipt of the request by email or phone and process the certificate at our earliest convenience. If you have not heard from us by the following business day, please call us immediately.

If you have additional questions regarding certificates of insurance, we are happy to help. Send us a brief message or give us a call during business ours at (888) 310-1027.

Please complete all applicable fields to the best of your ability for efficient processing of the certificate of insurance.

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