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File An Insurance Claim for Car Damage CA OR WAIf you have reached this page and need to file an insurance claim, we want to first and foremost extend our sympathy to you for any loss that has occurred. We can only hope that no serious damage has come to your physical, mental, and emotional well being, or to that of others.

The best way to file a new claim is to call our office during business hours. We will provide a brief consultation including options and instructions for follow up steps in the claims process. Be prepared to give an overview of the incident during our initial phone call. You will be providing a more detailed description of the loss to your insurance company after our initial contact.

File An Insurance Claim for House Damage CA OR WAIf you need to file a claim outside of our business hours, you may contact your insurance company directly. All company claims centers are available by phone, and some offer online claims services. We have provided the contact information for the companies we represent below for your convenience.

The most efficient way to check on an existing claim is to contact your insurance company directly. They will have the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding your claim.

Send us a message or give us a call at (888) 310-1027 if you have any questions regarding the claims process.


Carrier Claims Contact Info




AARP Auto 877-805-9918
 Allied 800-282-1446
 Builders & Tradesman 877-649-6682  
 CBIC Washington & Oregon: 800-765-2242
All Other States: 800-788-3006
 CNA Surety 800-331-6053  
 Cochrane & Company 800-441-4535  
 Dairyland Insurance Co. 715-346-9200
 Encompass Insurance 800-588-7400
 Fidelity 800-725-9472

 Foremost 800-333-7276
 Griffin Underwriting Services 800-562-8095
 Hagerty 800-922-4050
 The Hartford Insurance Personal: 800-243-5860
Business: 800-327-3636

 HCC Surety 303-649-9163  
 Insco Dico 800-782-1546
 Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. 800-526-1547
 Liberty Northwest 877-542-6978
 MetLife 800-854-6011
 Mutual Insurance Services 800-683-2749  
 National Indemnity Co 800-356-5750
 Navigators Insurance 312-506-8140
 Ohio Casualty 866-255-5530
 Oregon Mutual 800-934-3809
 PEMCO Insurance 800-467-3626
 Personal Umbrella 800-564 1799  
 Philadelphia Insurance Companies 800-765-9749
 Progressive 800-776-4737
 Progressive Commercial 800-274-4499
 Red Shield Insurance 800-527-7397  
 Safeco Insurance 800-332-3226
 Superior Underwriters 800-782-8699  
 Travelers Personal: 800-252-4633
Business: 800-238-6225
 Viking Insurance 800-334-0090   
 Zurich 800-987-3373
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