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Salmon Bay Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independent insurance agency serving residents and businesses registered in California, Oregon, or Washington state. We sell personal insurance, such as auto, home, and life, as well as commercial insurance for those who own small to mid-size businesses, including solopreneurs and all types of professionals.

Although we are headquartered in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, most of the communication with our clients happens over the phone, through email and fax, making it convenient and viable to serve such a wide service area (folks in all three West Coast states - our favorites - CA, OR, WA).

Why choose an independent insurance agency?

There are three ways for the consumer to purchase insurance.

  1. You may deal directly with the insurance company and talk to a customer service representative, who may only be trained to sell insurance, but not to advise as to which policy may be best.
  2. You may go to a locally owned captive agency such as Allstate or State Farm. The agents from these agencies are called "captive agents" because they are only allowed to offer products from their parent company.
  3. You have the option to contact an independent agency, which in our opinion, offers the best service to the client in that agents are able to personalize and simplify the insurance shopping process. The independent insurance agent works for you, the client, not the insurance companies.

As an independent insurance agency, we have established relationships with most major insurance providers, which means we streamline the shopping experience for our clients, saving them valuable time and money. We are able to customize insurance policies and packages to fit individual coverage and financial needs for people and businesses.

We are here to help you identify potential gaps in your current personal insurance plan and any other factors that could pose a financial risk to your or your family's peace of mind.

Sometimes it is advantageous to "bundle" policies with the same company, and other times, it is not. That's where our expertise and access to multiple carriers comes in to play. We analyze the best options that will maximize the benefit for you, the most important factor in our business.

What sets us apart?Insurance Providers | CA, OR, WA Get a quote from us today!

All independent insurance agencies are not alike. Some only have access to a few insurance carriers. We are appointed with all of the major providers, with exception of captive-only companies (i.e. Allstate or State Farm), as well as minor and specialty carriers. Additionally, we can go through insurance brokerages if needed. Brokerages are most often used in special cases for business insurance.

Since our clients are the life-blood of our company's existence, we value and respect them tremendously. This is exemplified in the stellar customer service we provide. Not only will we analyze and customize your insurance options and policies, we act as your advocate and liaison with the insurance companies should you need to file a claim. We wake up daily, thankful and excited to serve you, our favorite people, who live, work, and play on the west coast: California, Oregon, and Washington State.

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Salmon Bay Insurance Agency, Inc.

SB Insurance Logo CA OR WA 75x48Salmon Bay Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independent insurance agency headquartered in Seattle that provides personal and business insurance services to those residing in California, Oregon, and Washington state.

Bob Florine, Independent Insurance Agent

Bob Florine WA OR CA Insurance AgentSalmon Bay Insurance Agency, Inc. is an affiliate of All-Pro Risk Management, Inc. (DBA All-Pro Insurance Agency in California). Bob Florine is the founder of Salmon Bay Insurance. His insurance experience spans more than a decade and he always works diligently to provide excellent service to his clients.