Charities We Support

We recognize the power of giving and delight in seeing its effects on causes and communities.

Below is a list of charitable organizations we admire and support.

Natural Resources Defence Council

The mission of NRDC is "to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends." Without a supportive environment what are we left with? Will there come a day when there is no need to feed starving children because there will not be any humans left to feed? Why stress our planet to the max when we have the technology and common sense to make life easier and healthier for all life. It's a pleasure to contribute to this organization in honor of what our planet has given to us.

American Red Cross

As an insurance agency,  we feel that supporting organizations such as the Red Cross, especially during natural disasters, is our humble duty to our communities and neighbors as they try to pick up the pieces of their lives after devesting events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and related catastrophies that are not often covered by insurance. We choose to be a part of a world that takes care of each other, especially in times of distress and great need. The Red Cross is a dedicated non-profit organization that time and time again proves its value to our society and we feel honored to support its mission and relief efforts.